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No events to display


Fundraiser Guidelines

As a reminder the fundraiser guidelines are as follows:

Scheduled Tuesdays from 4pm-8pm.
It is your responsibility to do the advertising, however you feel best.
All your supporters need to do is mention they are there to support your group.
You can expect a check to arrive within 30 days from the date of your event.
It is not necessary for a flyer to be presented, for credit.All dine-in and carry-out sales apply.
We will donate 20% of all qualified sales you bring in, back to you.

Some Tips and Tricks for a Successful Event


Begin advertising 5-7 days before your event. Just get the word out. Make reminders the day before and the day of, as well.

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If you wish to print flyers and pass out, please feel free. These are not necessary to get credit and are not permitted to be passed out on our premises. Again, make sure to include all details needed for your supporters.

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Fundraisers Scheduling