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Looking to feed a crowd?

Floridino's can do the cooking for you! With a catering team that can deliver and the ability to customize the level of service to suit your event.

Special Event/Full Service Catering

When you need those extra steps done for your event. We handle all the details: set up of buffet, stainless steel chafing dishes, serving ware, luxury vines, display signs and pick up of all supplies within 2 hours; priced at 15% of total bill (minimum of $150).

  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Bat Mitzvah
  • Bar Mitzvahs
  • Quinceañeras
  • School activities and end of the season banquet

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We can create the perfect atmosphere no matter what type of event you’re hosting.

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Our signature salads and pastas transformed into a deluxe buffet presentation for a wide array of event types and price points to create an elevated experience for any occasion.

Signature Menu

Tier I


$12.00 per person


Tier II


$18.00 per person



  • ZITI Ziti noodles tossed in our marinara sauce**
  • ALFREDO Ziti noodles tossed in our special parmesan cream sauce
  • CHICKEN ALFREDO Ziti noodles and baked chicken tossed in our special parmesan cream sauce
  • BAKED SPAGHETTI Tender spaghetti noodles mixed with our special three cheese ricotta blend, eggs, and more cheese, topped in marinara sauce
  • BAKED LASAGNA Lasagna noodles layered with marinara sauce, fresh Italian sausage, seasoned
    ground beef and our special three cheese ricotta blend
  • VEGGIE LASAGNA Lasagna noodles layered with sautéed spinach, mushrooms, marinara sauce
    and our special three cheese ricotta blend
  • CHEESE TORTELLINI Vibrant tri-color cheese tortellini pasta filled with a blend of ricotta,
    romano, parmesan and asiago cheeses that are perfectly seasoned with select spices
  • CHICKEN PARMIGANA Seasoned breaded chicken breast, smothered in marinara sauce and
    topped with mozzarella cheese +$3.75/PP*

* Only available as an upgrade on tiers two and three

** Tier one pasta option

We accommodate dietary restrictions for gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, and vegan upon request.

Pasta Add-ons

  • SAUSAGE & PEPPER TRAY* – $175.00
  • MEATBALLS – $1.40
  • MEAT SAUCE – $1.65
  • DICED CHICKEN (Seasoned, baked chicken breast) – $5.00
  • PRIMAVERA VEGGIES (Broccoli, zucchini, red peppers) – .$1.65

*Tray serves approximately thirty people. All other options priced per person


  • HOUSE Iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers served with house italian and ranch dressing on the side
  • CAESAR Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and croutons served topped with caesar dressing
  • ANTIPASTO Iceberg lettuce with tomatoes, cucumbers, ham, salami, provolone cheese, black olives and pepperoncinis topped with house italian dressing +$2.50/PP
  • CHEF Iceberg lettuce with tomatoes, cucumbers, topped with ham and shredded mozzarella cheese with house italian dressing on the side +$2.50/PP
  • GREEK Iceberg lettuce with tomatoes, cucumbers, crumbled feta cheese, greek olives and pepperoncinis topped with house italian dressing +$2.50/PP

DINNER ROLL All tiers include one garlic herb dinner roll and butter per person

All prices subject to change. All items subject to tax and eligible for service charge depending on package chosen.

Catering Request

Appetizer Menu


All trays serve approximately 35 people.
Speciality item subject to availability.



  • MINIMUM OF 75 PIECES – $0.85

Pizza MuffinS

  • SIGNATURE FLAVORS – $15.39 per Dozen
    ORIGINAL Ham, ground beef sausage, and mozzarella cheese
    PEPPERONI CHEESE Mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce
  • PREMIUM FLAVORS – $17.99 per Dozen
    SPICY CHICKEN Chicken breast with spicy buffalo sauce, cheddar and mozzarella cheese
    BBQ CHICKEN Chicken breast, bacon and onions with BBQ sauce and mozzarella cheese
    GOURMET WHITE Our secret white sauce made with ricotta, garlic, and a blend of herbs rolled with sliced tomatoes and mozzarella cheese
    VEGGIE MUFFINS Mozzarella, tomatoes, olives, mushrooms, onions, and green peppers

Indulgence Menu


  • MINI CANNOLI – $40
  • BROWNIES – $36
  • COOKIES Chocolate Chip – $9
  • COOKIES Double Chocolate – $12
  • COOKIES Peanut Butter – $19
  • LEMON BARS – $36
    Offered by the dozen
  • BREAD PUDDING – $45/pan
  • CHEESECAKE – $3.50/slice


  • Add a crystal dessert or appetizer plate – $0.50
  • LINEN NAPKIN – $2.00
  • CHARGER PLATE – $1.00
    Black, gold, silver, rose gold, grey wood + dark wood
    All items priced per person
    Included and available upon request

For less formal Full Service events or events with rolls or Chicken Parmigiana or Chicken Marsala, we recommend upgrading to our black plate package. It is sturdier than our standard white plate and utensils. For weddings or more formal events, we recommend our plastic crystal package to achieve an elevated look versus our foam plate packages. Our china package is available only to events with service staff added. This package requires additional time for the service staff due to the weight and time it takes to clear the tables and clean the dishes. Clients are always welcome to provide their own dinnerware.

Catering Request



Mini Cannoli – $40 per dozen

Lemon Bars – $36 per dozen

Double Chocolate Cookies – $12 per dozen

Chocolate Chip Cookies – $9 per dozen

Cheesecake – $3.50 per slice

Bread Pudding – $45 half pan (serves 20)

Brownies – $36 per dozen

Peanut Butter Cookies – $19 per dozen

(All packages include a basic white styrofoam plate, plastic white silverware and napkin upon request)

Upgrade – Black Styrofoam Plate, Plastic Black Silverware & Napkin – .50 per person

Upgrade – Plastic Crystal Dinner Plate, Silverware & Napkin – $2 per person

Upgrade – China Dinner plate, Stainless Steel Fork & Knife – $3 per person

Upgrade – Plastic Crystal Appetizer or Dessert Plate – $0.50 per person

Catering FAQs

Floridino’s has been offering catering services for 20+ years and has established a name well know in the east valley. We pride ourselves in making your event memorable, yummy, and worry free. Our staff is passionate about the customer service to give you a top-notch event no matter how big or small.

We cater all kinds of events: corporate events, business luncheons, training sessions, weddings, graduations, birthdays, anniversary parties, dinner parties, church picnics, and more.

Simply fill out our online request form here, email us at, or give us a call/text 480-567-9736.

It’s best to give us at least 24 hours’ notice. But if your event is today or tomorrow, call Floridino’s right away and we’ll get things going! (Some restrictions may apply.)

The service package you choose will be influenced by your menu and the type of event you are hosting. We are happy to work through the options with you to ensure a perfect fit for your special event. Each package and what it includes is explained in detail below. Gratuity is not included in any of the service fees.

To secure your date and time, a $100 non-refundable date deposit is required. This will be applied to your final invoice. Email to request your date.

Standard delivery is $35 within 15 driving miles (30 miles round trip). For orders over 15 miles, an additional charge of $1 per mile both directions will be added. Service Express delivery starts at $50 within 15 driving miles and Full Service delivery starts at $75 within 15 driving miles. Delivery is structured based on distance and transportation of varying amount of supplies based on your service option. For orders whose delivery time is over one hour round trip, we charge a personnel fee of $20 per hour for each staff member for time spent traveling to the event location.

Service Express is an affordable option for smaller events to comfortably have an elevated buffet experience without the price tag of Full Service. Service Express events include all of the displayware (two chafing dishes, sternos, serving utensils, bread baskets, trays, vines, signs, condiments, etc. to set up a buffet). A staff member will arrive with all the supplies to set up your buffet, load the buffet with your food, and leave you and your guests to enjoy. Voilà! You don’t have to lift a finger until you’re ready to eat. You have 48 hours to return the entire buffet set up. All you have to do is pack it up in our bin with wheels designed for easy transport and bring it back. You will have a contract listing all items we expect back. Two chafing dishes are included in the $75 price; additional chafing dishes will be charged $10 per chafing dish (additional transport methods may be provided based on size). This package is not available for events with servers through Floridino’s (Full Service must be used).

A Full Service package is designed to create a buffet experience that leaves you wow-ed. It includes all of the displayware (two chafing dishes, sternos, serving utensils, bread baskets, trays, vines, signs, condiments, etc. to set up a buffet). A member of our staff will set up the buffet with custom vines, faux flowers, and decor – as if a buffet of Floridino’s wasn’t enticing enough on it’s own! Your food will be placed into the chafing dishes and displayed to your preference level (based on your event start time), with the back up food kept warm for hours in hotboxes nearby. Our staff will leave for two hours so you can enjoy and return to break down the buffet and box up any leftovers you might have. The Full Service package is a customer favorite for larger events, holiday parties, and weddings. Unlike other restaurants, we do not require servers to be hired for Full Service. Another way you can elevate your event without increasing your budget.

Both options provide elevated buffet food service. With Service Express, you are charged a flat rate per package. It includes set up of the buffet only (not break down). It’s your responsibility to return the items within 48 hours. Full Service is priced off your invoice and includes both set up and break down of the buffet. Full Service has been a favorite for weddings and larger events as the deluxe chafing dishes and decor create an elegant ambiance. Full Service is the deluxe option and has the opportunity to utilize our upgraded decor (faux flowers, food stands and display, etc.).

Depending on your event you may require a ‘Catering Lead’ – our team will advise on details if required. Hiring our servers cost $30 per hour per server. A few factors come into play when deciding on how many servers you will need. Requesting tasks like water service, cake cutting, setting tables, using china vs disposable dinnerware, etc. will change how many servers you will need and for how long. Depending on how far you’d like us to travel, a personnel fee of $20 per hour per server may apply. Once we have an idea of your event, we will advise on how many servers are needed.

We do not add gratuity to any catering orders. Any service or delivery fees are not gratuity. Additional gratuity is at the discretion of the client. It is never required, but always appreciated.

Absolutely, I set up our sample menus through our complimentary tastings. This tasting gives you samples of our menu items and then we build a quote based on the options that best fit you. This does not lock you into anything or cost a dime, just gives us 30-45 minutes for you to try the food and go over any questions after.

Our packages include disposable white styrofoam dinnerware at no additional cost upon request, black plastic dinnerware at $0.50 per person, crystal plastic dinnerware at $2 per person, and white china with silver flatware at $3 per person (customers are more than welcome to provide their own). We also have linen napkins and different charger options available for rent. See the dinnerware section for recommendations based on your event.

We prefer you to have an approximate count when you put down your date deposit. Then the week before a more exact count with a buffer of 96 hours before the event to make minor additions. If you ever have a huge jump either way, please let us know.

We only offer buffet style. If it is over 75 people, we recommend a double-sided buffet. If you are closer to 150-200+ people, we now offer a second buffet set up for an additional fee.

  • Pick up-free;
  • Standard Delivery: Starts at $35 for deliveries under 15 driving miles. Prices may vary depending on distance and service package.
  • Full Service: Includes set up of buffet, stainless steel chafing dishes, sterno, serving ware, vines, display signs and pick up of all supplies within 2 hours – 15% of total bill (minimum of $150).
  • Service Express: Includes our staff coming to set up your full buffet set up, signs, serving ware, vines, etc. and you return to Floridino’s within 48 hours.
  • Servers: Starts at $30/hour per server (minimum of two hours per server).
  • Gratuity: Any delivery or service fee is not a gratuity. Additional gratuity is at the discretion of the client. It is never required, but always appreciated.

It’s that simple, no more phone calls and emails back and forth!


Still have questions?

480-567-9736 ext. 1 |

Prices subject to change without notice. Items subject to availability. Speciality items may require seven days notice.